Healthy & Clean Lemonade

Let’s make sure your lemonade is safe and fun for everyone! General Sanitation and Safety Tips:

  • Always wash your hands with hot soapy water before preparing food. Wash your hands often.
  • If your hair is long, tie it back or wear a cap.
  • Wear a clean apron to protect your clothing from spills.
  • Prepare your foods on clean surfaces. Make sure counters, cutting boards, spoons, cutting knives, etc. are washed and sanitized before use (e.g. mix 1 tsp bleach per liter of water to make a sanitizing solution).
  • Have an adult help you slice the lemons using a sharp knife and a clean cutting board.
  • use paper or plastic pitchers and cups instead of glass.
  • Hold cups at the bottom and do not touch the tops of the cups (where people‚Äôs lips will go).
  • Cover the lemonade and ice cubes between servings to keep bugs and dirt out.
  • use a ladle or tongs to serve ice. Only use store bought bagged ice.
  • Provide a covered trash container to dispose of used cups and keep your area clutter-free.
  • Avoid preparing and handling foods if you are experiencing symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or a respiratory infection, or if you have had such symptoms in the past 48 hours.
  • never operate your lemonade stand alone. Ask your parents or other caring adult to supervise your business.
  • All business owners are responsible for creating a safe and healthy product that follows local health department guidelines.