2016 Business Results Form

Submit your Business Results to be entered into the grand prize drawing! You can also submit your results to be considered as a candidate for the local and/or National Entrepreneur of the Year award. Find out more detailsĀ here!

Business Results and Share Your Story

Tell Us About Yourself

Example: 101 Main Street or "in front of our local store"

Example: The Perfect Lemonade 

Let's Crunch the Numbers!

Lemonade Sales + Other Revenue + Tips = Total Revenue

$(Total Revenue - Total Expenses) = Profit
What about your goals?

Share Your Story
Tell us your Lemonade Day story!
Be sure to include the following:
  • Why did you do Lemonade Day?
  • Tell us about your business - Location, Recipe, Theme Slogan, Advertising
  • Was your stand successful?
  • What did you do well and what would you do differently next time?
  • Now that you're an entrepreneur, what's next for you?

Tell Us About Yourself

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